i.Pass Connect FAQ

.Q: What does EXA Internet Roaming Service offer?
A:Though EXA-Internet Roaming Service you can access your own internet account to surf the net, receive or send emails or even chat ,net meeting with your colleagues or business partners from any-where in the world by simply dialing a local number.
Q :How can l use EXA Roaming Service?
A:Before you leave home....first please download the i.Pass connect from here,second you need your exasia user name (UserID) and password to use roaming service...if you are not our member , please join now !!!
Q:How much does EXA-Internet Roaming Service cost?
A:Our Internet Roaming Service rates at HK$1 per minute in US/Canada and HK$2 per minute in other countries.Please note that the deposit of roaming service is HK$500.
Q:What is the good advantage of using i.Pass Connect?
A:i.Pass Connect is a flexible and very easy-to-use tool for accessing our global Internet roaming service.Each our customer will have the option of selecting access points by country,state,city,or area code.For more detail about access point please go here.

Q:How much disk space is required for iPass Connect?

A:For using iPass connect about 2MB of hard disk space is required on the machine which includes the dialer and the service quality management feature.
Q:Which versions of the MicrosoftOS is support for iPass Connect?
A:iPass Connect was developed by iPass and is based on Microsoft Windows operating system.The following operating system is support for iPass Connect:
Windows95 , Windows98 , WindowsME , Windows2000 , WindowsNT4.0
Q:iPass Connect for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME
A:This is the iPass-customized dialer*
2.0MB Free disk space
486/25 or faster CPU
Microsoft TCP/IP protocol installed
Q:iPass Dial Wizard for Macintosh
System 7.5.3 or newer (System 8.5 or over recommended)
2 MB RAM above OS requirements
500K disk (uncompressed)
Open transport OT/PPP
Q:If l have difficulty when connecting to the access number what should l do?

A:You can try an alternate number within the region you are traveling.If you can connect to another number it may indicate the initial access number is temporarily unavailable.One more thing you should make sure is you dial the required prefixes and local dial code for the region .Many hotels may require you to dial a number to get an out-side line. The last thing you should ensure is you have specified the correct modem.

Q:What should l do if there is no dial tone or modem sound?
A:First make sure there is a phone line, that the phone line is good and the phone line is connected to the computer and the phone jack.Try to check to see if your modem is turned on and connected to your computer and the phone system.Second make sure the modem volume is not turned off or disable.Sometimes dial tones from different parts of the world are interpreted differently by your modem try setting your windows software to not detect a dial tone when dialing:
On the modems properities window ,highlight your modem and click Properties.
Click the Connection tab and uncheck " wait for dial tone before dialing".
Click Advanced
In the Extra Settings box,enter ATX3
Click OK until you can close out of the modem properties window.On some machines, you need to reboot for changes to take effect.
Check your dialer properties to see that you have the correct modem selected.
Q:What should l do if there is no local access number in my location?
A:You may not find a particular city listed in iPass Connect, but there might be other number local or close to where you are.Check if there are other cities within the same area code.
Q:Does iPass support users with Windows CE, Palm Pilot or Psion?
A:While there is no iPass client software for the Windows CE platform or other handheld devices today, some of the service providers offering the iPass service provide support to help users manually configure and script their logins. iPass also provides an overview that explains the "work-arounds" available for using iPass with handheld devices.
Q:What should l do if connection disconnects/drops in the middle of session?
A:This happens most frequently in countries with poor telecomminications systems or when the line you are trying to connect to has audible interference.The only way you can do is try redialing the access number later.
Q:Should l up-grade my dialer to iPass Connect instead of the older versions?
A:Of course, you may continue to use the older versions of the iPass dialers,but we strongly recommend that you immediately up-grade your dialer to iPass Connect.
Q:Will iPass Connect automatically update my setting from the old dialer?
A:Yes, if you have finished the installation of the new version to uninstalling the old dialer , all settings, user information and preferences, including the are code of the last searched on access point will appear when you open iPass Connect .


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