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As a local Internet Service Provider, EXA proudly introduces to the community our newest service - Broadband Internet Access. By subscribing to this innovative service, you can enjoy timeless connection to the World Wide Web with the provision of high transfer rate. Under our most reliable and secure network, you will further experience all the entertaining and informative elements of the Internet within your lifetime.

Our commitment will not be limited to corporations, as we also serve all members of the community in Hong Kong. Therefore, we aim to deliver our service to both individual and corporate sectors as follows:


Broadband Service Plan/Package

Feature of our Service

Internet Technology

Starting from today and within the next decade, possibly everyone in the world will have access to the Internet. According to researchers more than 70% of the people in the world are using different types of connection to access the Internet. The technologically inclined will yearn for a broadband access that could be hundred of times faster than those are available today.

For Internet users, high-speed and reliable access is what they need.

For ISPs, uninterrupted connections into households and business enterprises are what they should provide.


Broadband Speed :

SL technology
What is DSL technology?

DSL is the acronym for Digital Subscriber Line technology. DSL is a general term for high speed communication technology that allows data to be transmitted over a dedicated digital circuit using ordinary copper lines between a business or residence and the tele-communication company.

DSL implementation is also a service that everyone should have if they are using modem dial-up connections and wanting faster Internet access. Broadband service is a nucleus of DSL communication technolgy .


Performance: Our Broadband Service gives you 24 hours on-demand access and does not tie up your original phone line. The use of our service will currently require to install additional cabling to your premises.
Connection: At our customer premises, we uses DSL modem to connect the installed line to a Local Area Net work (LAN), or uses broadband network card to connect to an individual computer.
Speed: The installed wires are capable of carrying data between the household/office and the Internet at rates that are roughly 30 times faster than 56Kps modems in use today.
Coverage:Currently, we support approximately 95% of the residential areas in Hong Kong which can enjoy using our broadband service.
inimum PC / Notebook Configurations for EXA Broadband Service
Pentium class 166MHz (or higher) IBM compatible PC with CD-ROM drive and floppy disk drive
32MB RAM of memory
80MB of free hard disk space
Spare PCI Bus Slot/PCMCIA Bus Slot ( for insertion of network interface card)
Windows 95 OSR2 / Windows98 SE / Windows NT4.0 SP3 / Windows ME / Windows 2000 or above (Chinese, English or Japanese Version)
For enquiries please contact our customer service hotline or send e-mail to following e-mail address.
Tel: +852-2370-2800 (Japanese/English/Chinese)
Fax: +852-2370-2807
Address: Room 801, 8/F, Cambridge House, 26-28 Cameron Road, T.S.T, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


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